Simply great pilates.

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Tracie Martyn
The studio is spacious, the workout is great, and the owners are the nicest people.
Tracie Martyn, facialist & skin care expert
Sophie Buhai
I felt like I was entering the most soothing hour of elegant stress relieving pleasure. Everything from the teachers, to the beautiful equipment, to the physical results were above my expectations.
Sophie Buhai, fashion designer Vena Cava


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Equipment Sessions: NYC

Personalized instruction utilizing all of the various Pilates equipment. All sessions are 55 minutes.

Introductory Package:
2 private sessions - $125. Introductory package expires one month from purchase date.

Private Session:
One on one personal attention. This is the best way to start pilates as your instructor can focus completely on your needs and work with you on improving your core strength as efficiently as possible.

  • 1 Class - $105
  • 5 Class Package - $500
  • 10 Class Package - $950.

Private Session with Nicole:
One on one session with Owner Nicole Dooley Collet.

  • 1 Class - $125
  • 5 Class Package - $610
  • 10 Class Package - $1190

Duet Sessions:
Requires two person sign up. For you and a friend - partner - soul mate - whomever you like! You bring the person and we will treat it like a private session for just the 2 of you.

  • 1 Class - $72
  • 5 Class Package - $310
  • 10 Class Package - $570

Semi-Private Class:
One instructor and up to four students. Meet new people and have a hard core work out all at the same time! Pre-requisite: 5 private equipment sessions or prior equipment experience.

  • 1 Class - $65
  • 5 Class Package - $300
  • 10 Class Package - $550.
Small Group Classes

We offer small group classes (max. 4 people) each focused on a different part of the Pilates repertoire. Choose from Mat, Tower, Reformer, Tower/Chair and Advanced Group.

  • 1 Class - $38
  • 5 Class Package - $175
  • 10 Class Package - $320

All packages expire 6 months from purchase date. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Teachers are subject to change. Standing appointments are available.

The Pilates Boutique


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Meet The Owners

We strive to offer the highest standard in classical Pilates training without intimidation or attitude.

Nicole Dooley Collet

After an apprenticeship of over 600 hours, Nicole Dooley Collet was certified in classical pilates at Power Pilates, NYC under the direct tutelage of Bob Liekens and Susan Moran. Once certified, Power Pilates hired her as an instructor and within a matter of months, she was promoted to lead instructor at Power Pilates' Columbus Circle location. In 2007, Nicole opened The Pilates Boutique in Carroll Gardens. She found a need for a fully equipped classical pilates studio in South Brooklyn. In 2011, Nicole became a teacher trainer for her old studio Power Pilates. In 2012, Nicole opened The Pilates Boutique in Manhattan. In 2016, Nicole launched her own pilates teacher training program. She is known for her expertise in pre-natal and postnatal pilates, however, she also enjoys challenging clients to move beyond their particular fitness plateau.

Nicole has been featured numerous times for her expertise in Pilates Style Magazine, Pilates Pro, and Life and Style Magazine. She teaches pilates teachers, celebrities and those that are completely new to pilates. Nevertheless, she still continues to attend Pilates Master classes and anatomy workshops on a regular basis in order to broaden her connection to and understanding of Joseph Pilates Classical Method. Nicole owns The Pilates Boutique with her husband, Chris. In their spare time, they can be found attending to their three small children and three cats.

Christopher Collet

Chris was introduced to Pilates when his wife, Nicole, began taking class, then training, at Power Pilates in Manhattan. By sheer coincidence, Power Pilates was located one floor down in the same building where Chris had his day job. He began taking mat classes during his lunch hour and enjoyed it so much he got certified to teach mat.

Not long after opening The Pilates Boutique with his wife. Chris got downsized and Pilates became his full time gig. He completed his full certification through Power Pilates in September 2009. Lately, he’s been teaching occasionally, but mainly attending to all the other stuff involved with smoothly running your own small business. Oh, and did Nicole mention the three kids and three cats?


How do I start?

We recommend that you start with 5 private lessons. This will allow your teacher to assess your needs and show you what pilates is all about. You will get complete individual attention in these sessions. After that, you can try a semi-private or tower class.

What do I wear?

Yoga style clothes are perfect - comfortable and not too baggy. You can do Pilates in your bare feet or socks. We have a no shoe policy in our studio. Just make sure your feet are clean - and make your teacher happy!!

How many times a week should I do Pilates?

2 - 3 times a week is recommended. There are lots of combinations available to make it fun and affordable! A semi-private and a couple of tower classes a week could work for you. Maybe 2 semi-privates a week - the possibilities are endless. Ok, not really, but have your teacher help you figure out your best combination.

Do I always need the same teacher?

That is entirely up to you. Each teacher at The Pilates Boutique is certified and teaches classical Pilates. You might learn something different from each one. So, taking a private session with one teacher and a tower class with another is a great way to learn and balance your Pilates practice. Also know that a teacher might want to go on vacation or occasionally get sick, so you might be working out with someone new. Look at it as a great opportunity!

Can I do pilates if I am pregnant?

Pilates is great during pregnancy and the teachers at The Pilates Boutique are experienced in prenatal and postnatal pilates. However, if you've never done pilates before becoming pregnant, we advise that you wait until after the baby is born and you are cleared by your doctor for exercise. Then come visit us and we will help you find those abdominal muscles again!

For all other inquiries please email info@thepilatesboutiqueNY.com

The Pilates Boutique

Teacher Training Program

As our name suggests, we are an intimately sized studio where the integrity and quality of the Classical Pilates work we do is paramount to us. This same attitude is what sets our Teacher Training program apart from the rest. The program's grand total of 600 in studio hours is comprised of five intensive training weekends plus apprentice observation and study. The program was created by our founder, Nicole Dooley Collet and our Senior Instructor, Melissa Miles, who together have over 20 years experience teaching Classical Pilates, Nicole and Melissa worked closely together on the curriculum to ensure you receive a rock solid foundation in classical pilates with a focus on the "why" you teach each exercise to each individual client, not only the "how",. This is the critical question to ask and answer for yourself in order to transcend the rote repetition of technique and be an inspired instructor, not an automaton.

Our program teaches teachers how to think critically within the classical pilates methodology. That being said, proper technique is important and our program fully covers the beginner, intermediate and advanced Classical Pilates repertoire for mat and apparatus (reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair, high chair, barrels, ped-o- pul, magic circle and basic anatomy).

For any specific questions about the program and pricing information, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (212) 598-5859 or shoot us an e-mail to info@thepilatesboutiqueny.com

The Pilates Boutique Teacher Training Program


125 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY

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